I develop software for mobile robotics, real-time autopilot and deep-learning applications. I also contribute to popular open-source software on GitHub, such as the PX4 flight stack software.

Due to collaboration policies, most of the software I developed for the University are closed-source until later time when projects are fully concluded, however, if you are affiliated with University of Illinois you may get the source code now. Please contact me for this matter.



A complete autopilot that runs on POSIX systems and provide python API to control and monitor vehicles. We provide complete SD-card images for Raspberry Pi3 with the NAVIO2 sensor board.


A C++ program built in Qt to simulate indoor GPS using the Vicon motion capture cameras. Local positions are also calculated with Kalman filtering and sent to vehicles via UDP connections using the MAVLink protocol.


SimplexL1 autopilot


This is an implementation of the Simplex architecture with the PX4 code base. 


BLAST tools

An automation tool set implemented entirely in Bash scripts to facilitate computational biologists using the BLAST program.